The Morning After the Night Before

I write this latest edition the day after the final game of the season against Glenrothes. Before I bring you up to speed with that I should start from where I left off as we were visited by West Lothian two weeks ago.

A ruthless display from the boys brushed aside West Lothian before 4pm which led to an early start in the bar and resulted in myself, Cash and G Davidson heading into town to sample the Festival areas. Tourists tend to say great things about Edinburgh and its people. These tourists must not have run into one Christopher Cash with 40 runs to his name.

Some very unwelcoming tongue was used, which I’m sure has led to many writing negative reviews about this great city on ‘tripadvisor’, all from the behavior of one young lad in his old man’s gear.

The night ended in a well known piano bar where the same gentleman in question decided to leave the boys without warning leaving Grant and I to see out the rest of the evening. A good night was still had by all involved.

The following week saw yet another poor display from the boys at the hands of Holy Cross. On the bright side, the early defeat allowed myself, Ashforth and Morton senior to witness Arsenal’s last gasp victory over Crystal Palace from the comfort of the Kilted Pig!

There was controversy during the week as I decided to give a wet looking training night a miss to play amateur football. Plenty of stick was given, yet as it turned out while I was hanging on the left hand side of a park at the Gyle, football was being played at Kirkhill also!

So we get to the final game of the season. The visitors Glenrothes coming to Kirkhill knowing a win would guarantee them the league title. Would it be that for the second year running a visiting side has left Kirkhill on the last day with the Trophy or would the home side spoil the party? The other questions to be answered were who was going to win the batting and bowling trophies for the club?

Through many a rain delay which could have ended the game by 1.30pm and handed the trophy to the visitors, the game did not end for another 7 hours. A dogged display from our lower order allowed us to post a competitive 162 and meant that Glenrothes would have to work hard to walk away with the title.

Zeeshan Khalil got us off to a great start picking up an early wicket and then another a few overs later, this spelled a collapse for the visitors to a point where they were 55-6. News had filtered through that Corstorphine were off so Glenrothes had to eclipse our total to take the honours. With the threat of rain the ‘cuik prevailed winning by 52 runs sparking massive celebrations and a rousing rendition of ‘oh the rookie cuikie’ in the home dressing room.

Post match also saw some of the boys join the latest craze by taking up the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge.’ Kris Steel did it in the male thong he had been wanting to wear back in post match dress code days circa 2005 – ‘Kris what should the dress code be this weekend?’’Womans underwear or male thongs.’

So next week is the club awards night where I think have pipped K Steel by a solitary run to the batting trophy with C Ashforth sneaking past Zeesh by a similar margin for the bowling trophy. A good day and night to be had at the club where progress has been made this year and will hopefully continue onto 2015.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the blog this summer, I might come out of hibernation to make a couple of cameo appearances over the winter months!



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