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Blog 7 – 50 not out S.Green

Well it’s been a while since I last produced a blog and I know how popular they were with the membership!

First off, very well done to Dave Clement and co for hosting the clubs first ever bingo night last Saturday evening. It was a success and we look forward to the next one. Having never played bingo in my life before, It was an education as well! Many of the 60+ brigade were veterans of the game, where as the young pups were scrambling about their cards looking for numbers! The best of the playing members was debatable on the first showing, but it defiantly did not include Crawford or R Liddle!!

The off season is down tools for many, but I can disclose the club are working very hard to increase our playing membership for season 2014, as well as hopefully offering more structured training sessions on a Tuesday and Thursday evening. More to come on that in due course, fingers crossed we will be able to reveal all to SKY, BBC News and of course on the famous Facebook page.

Steely & I have begun the thankless task of looking out kit options for next season and have narrowed it down to three suppliers. There will be a rigorous selection policy for these suppliers, after all they are kitting up the best looking club in the country!

I am delighted to take on the coaching role for our school development programme; I will be delivering in conjunction with Penicuik Active schools and Cricket Scotland.

The idea behind the role is for me to expose more children to cricket and make them aware of the cricket club and our junior programme that we currently run and hope to bring more junior members into the club.

As part of the programme I will be delivering 2 sets of 4 week blocks, lunchtime and after school clubs and a grand finale of primary schools tournament at the club in May.

This programme is fantastic for a club like ourselves as I gives us some great exposure in the local primary schools, hopefully I can do my best to attract more junior members along to our ever increasing and successful Penicuik Pythons set up.

I will update everyone with my progress over the next 6 months and hopefully I can help spread the word of the “cuik”

Hope to see everyone soon!

Also happy 50th to Greeno!

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